oPod Help

  1. What is "oPod"?

    Often you like to listen to a song that might be, from say a movie you saw recently, recommended by a friend, one you read up about it (on hub or a blog) or something that just came up to mind. But finding it online is a pain, isn't it? You have to visit online music sites and go through several pages just to listen to one song. oPod is a tool to simplify the search.

  2. How does oPod help?

    It's like an "online iPod" with huge repository of songs (tamil, hindi, telugu, carnatic,etc.). To look for a song, just type the beginning letters of the song.oPod will show you songs as you type. Just click on your desired song and listen to it.

  3. What do I need for oPod to work?

    You only need Real player. Download it from http://www.real.com.


    * if you have never listened to songs on musicindiaonline.com, you need to configure your browser. But this is automatic - see here.
    * check if javascript is not disabled on your browser. Usually, it is enabled.

  4. I'm ready. How do I lookup my song?

    Let's say you want to listen to 'sahana saaral thoovutho'.

    • Go to oPod frontpage: http://tfmpage.com/opod/
    • Select the category "Tamil" and search type "Song". (This is the default)
    • Under the 'Type here' box, start typing the song.. As you type, you can see a list of songs being fetched and shown below. By the time you reach 'sah', you can already see your song at No. 1. Just click, and listen to it!

    Suppose you didn't know the first line of the song, but know the movie name. You can still find the song.

    • Go to oPod frontpage as before
    • Set the category to "Tamil" but select search type "Movie/Album".
    • Now type 'sivaji' in the search box. As you reach 'sivaj', you can see only sivaji songs on the menu. Click on your song and listen!

    Simple, right? :-)

    oPod can find hindi,telugu,kannada,malayalam and even carnatic songs too. All you need to do is: change category from 'Tamil' to a suitable one.

    That means, you can listen to 'sahana saaral' and then immediately switch to its telugu version (e.g. look for 'sivaji' in telugu category) or other language versions or a carnatic sahana song (e.g. 'sri vatapi') in a couple of clicks and keystrokes..!!

    Have fun exploring..! If you have any comments/feedback, post here.

  5. I can't find my song. What to do?

    * Most likely, your query is too long. Try shortening it. Usually 3-4 letters are enough. e.g. if you typed 'sahaanaa', you won't get any results. Delete all the way upto 'saha', then you can see the song showing up.
    * You could try different spellings, e.g. For 'kadhal', try 'kaadhal', 'kathal' or 'kaathal'.
    Even after this sometimes you may not get a hit, simply because not every song is available. But most of the popular ones are.

  6. I get an error called 'Methods missing'. What to do?

    Simple solution is to switch to IE browser. :-) If you don't want to do that, visit www.real.com, download the latest version of FREE real player and install it. Then it should work. This is has been tested on Firefox 2.*. For Safari, sorry it doesn't work yet!

    See these fixes also