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Young Anuradha Sriram is a very talented singer. Well versed and accomplished in singing many styles of music, she has been trained by many respected Gurus such as Padmasri Tanjavur Sri. S.Kalyanaraman, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Smt. T. Brinda and Dr. T.Viswanathan in the Carnatic style and under Pandit Manikbua Thakurdas in the Hindustani style.

She is a Gold medalist in both B.A., and M.A., in music from the Madras University. She was given a fellowship to do her Masters in World Music from Wesleyan University, Connecticut, U.S.A. While in the U.S.A., she learned Western Classical Opera and Jazz. Besides this, she performed in Indonesian and West African music concerts. The President of India Gold Medal in 1987 for Carnatic and Light Classical Music and the Central Government Senior Fellowship in 1989 add to her list of many achievements.

She reached new heights of popularity with her sizzling hits like "Acham Acham Illai" set to A.R. Rahman's music in the film 'Indira', "Meenamma" to Deva in 'Aasai', "Malarodu" from 'Bombay', "Thennattu" from 'Pasumpon' and "Nalam Nalam" from "Kaadhal Kottai". She has also sung in the Hindi film 'Ram Jaane' and was awarded a Platinum disc for record sales for her song "Phenk Hawa" composed by Anu Malik. Her voice was used in the Tamil dubbed version of 'Lion King'. She has been singing regularly for all the top music directors in the Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam film industry.

(from Magnasound.)

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