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Lyrics Lyrics

Topic started by TFM Group (@ on Mon Feb 23 08:31:06 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This thread is for posting requests for lyrics. Visit TFSA, More Lyrics for collection of lyrics of songs.

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  • From: Frederick (@ on: Tue Apr 25 08:34:24 EDT 2000

    Can anyone help me in posting the lyrics of the song "sollamalae yaar paarthathu" from the movie "Poovae Unakkaga"

  • From: nakkeeran (@ on: Wed Apr 26 20:02:30 EDT 2000

    kamesh, I thought the last line was 'nizhala veruven pinnaadi'.

  • From: Kamesh (@ on: Wed Apr 26 22:38:48 EDT 2000


    I am relieved that I made only one mistake. Thanks anyway.

  • From: ssk (@ on: Mon May 1 22:02:28 EDT 2000

    Nirupama, here is the lyrics of Thamizhukkum amuthendru per.

    Thamizhukkum amuthendru per - andha
    thamizh inbath thamizh enggal uyirukku ner
    uyirukku ner

    Thamizhukku nilavendru per - inbath
    thamizh enggal samoogathin vilaivukku neer
    Thamizhukku maNamendru per - inbath
    thamizh enggal vaazhvukku nirumiththaa oor
    thamizhukku madhuvendru per - Inbath
    thamizh enggal urimaich chempayirukku ver

    Thamizhukkum amuthendru per - andha
    thamizh inbath thamizh enggal uyirukku ner
    uyirukku ner

    Thamizh enggal iLamaikkup paal - Inbath
    thamizh enggal pugazh mikka pulavarkku vel
    thamizh enggal uyarvukku vaan - inbath
    thamizh enggal asthikku sudar thandha thein

    Thamizhukkum amuthendru per - andha
    thamizh inbath thamizh enggal uyirukku ner
    uyirukku ner

    Thamizh enggal arivukkuth ther - inbath
    thamizh enggal kavithaikku vairathin vaai
    thamizh enggal piravikkuth thaai - inbath
    thamizh enggal valamikka ulamutra thee

    Thamizhukkum amuthendru per - andha
    thamizh inbath thamizh enggal uyirukku ner
    uyirukku ner

  • From: Sasha (@ on: Tue May 2 02:49:53 EDT 2000

    hi there. can anione gimme the lyrics of "sinagithanae" from Alaipayuthe plz. I've been goin around searchin for em'. hope someone can help me!

  • From: sasha (@ on: Tue May 2 02:56:24 EDT 2000

    i also want the lyrics of the 80's song "Pachonthiyae kelada,Vetchegkuri parada..."
    Am not too sure of the movie but its a sonf popular in demand. Anione know it@{----

  • From: Kamesh (@ on: Tue May 2 03:26:19 EDT 2000

    Check old responses link at the top of this page.

  • From: hari (@ on: Tue May 2 12:58:08 EDT 2000

    it is fron antha oru nimidam

  • From: maya (@ on: Wed May 3 04:15:22 EDT 2000

    want lyrics for 'kannaa karumai nirak kanna..'

  • From: aishwarya (@ on: Wed May 3 10:34:03 EDT 2000

    i would like to have the lyrics for all the songs in Nee Varuvai Yena

  • From: Ramki (@ on: Wed May 3 10:39:06 EDT 2000

    Maya lyrics for 'kaNNa karumai nirakaNNaa'

    kannaa karumai nira kaNNaa
    unnai kaanadha kaNNillaiye
    unnai maruppaarillai
    kandu veruppaarillai
    ennai kandaalum porupparillai

    manamparkka maruppor mun padaithai kannaa
    niram parthu veruppor mun koduthai kannaa
    iNam parthu enai serkka marandhai kannaa
    nalla idam parthu silaiyaaga amarndhai kannaa


    poNNaana manam ondru thandhai kannai
    adhil poo pondra ninaivondru vaithai kannaa
    kann parkka mudiyaamal maraithai kannaa
    endhan kadan theerkka ennai nee padaithai kannaa


  • From: katherine (@ on: Wed May 3 12:51:12 EDT 2000

    hi...i have lyrics from unakaaga ellam unakaaga and lyrics from amaarkalam why.there is still no response yet.
    pliss consider my lyrics thank u

  • From: New Mom (@ on: Thu May 4 00:09:15 EDT 2000

    Hi.... Recently we are blessed with a baby girl who loves to hear me sing songs for her to calm down and sleep.

    So, could you guys please suggest me some 'Thallattu style' songs like 'Varam thantha samikku.... sugamana laali....' and also their lyrics.

    Here I don't want the songs just because they starts with the word, 'Thalattu'. For example, 'Thallatum poongatru Nan allava....' as it's not a thalattu pattu.

    Friends....... I know I am not mentioning a particular song and am asking for a bunch of them. But I am looking forward to get good response (songs) in this site as this is the best site I know for Tamil music.

    Thanks in advance to everyone.

  • From: NOV (@ on: Thu May 4 01:14:59 EDT 2000

    Hi New Mum!
    Congratulations on your new-born. May both of you have a blessed life.

    Here, enjoy:

  • From: Happy Mom (@ on: Thu May 4 09:58:02 EDT 2000

    Thank you very much NOV :)

  • From: New Mom (@ on: Thu May 4 10:22:58 EDT 2000

    Hi..... Here I am again with specific songs in the 'Thallatu' category. I would like to have the lyrics for all these songs especially for 1,2,7 and 9.

    1. Varam thantha samikku pathamana lalli...
    2. O papa lali kanmani lali - Idhiyaththai thirudadhE
    3. Indha pachaikiLikkoru sevvandhi poovil thottilai katti vaithEn
    4. Kannana ... Kan urangu sooriyane
    5. Chinna paappa enga chella paappa-Vannakkili
    6. PoovilE medai naan podavA poovizhi mooda naan paadavA - Pagal Nilavu
    7. ThEn oorum raagam….... Vinmeengal vanil mele thoonguthe….Kannin maniye Nee urangu.. – Uyire Unakkaga
    8. kanakkanum kangal mella urangatho padal - Agni chachi
    9. Chinnajchiru Kiyile kannamma, selvakkalanjiyame - Neethikku thandanai
    10. Chinna china kannanukku enthan punaiyo - Vazhaip padagu

    Thanks in advance to everyone.

  • From: Kennes (@ on: Thu May 4 10:48:34 EDT 2000

    i would like to have the lyrics of the song "snehidhane" from the movie alai payuthe

    i will really happy to have one!!!!!!!!!


  • From: sr (@ on: Thu May 4 13:37:14 EDT 2000


    Check old responses link at the top of this page.

  • From: Sridhar K (@ on: Thu May 4 18:07:34 EDT 2000

    Hi All,

    I am determined to continue my search for the lyrics of the song 'Isai Tamizh nee seidha arul saadhanai...' from the movie TIRUVILAIYAADAL.

    This is sung and acted in the movie by TR Mahalingham.

    Someone out there promised to post it within a week. I hope there are more than enough old tamil film song mavericks, as there are for ARR & IR.

    With expectations,

  • From: Valli (@ on: Thu May 4 23:43:43 EDT 2000

    Hey Srithar K ... i was that "someone" :) .... very sorry .. i've have been extremely bogged down with work (I got a clerical job to tie me over my holidays) and i just couldn't get it done .... i hope to get it done by this weekend ...
    so sorry

  • From: RAM (@ on: Fri May 5 12:39:30 EDT 2000

    Hello movie fans

    I am looking for the lyrics for a old song "kalyANa rAmanukkum kannAna jAnakikkum kAtal vanta nErum....." I am not sure about the movie. May be "MannAdi mannan or some thing. (1980's song, I think)
    MAY, 2000


  • From: RAM (@ on: Fri May 5 13:04:36 EDT 2000

    This is for Mr. Sridhar

    The lyrics for the song "Isait Tamizh Nee seida...
    are in "TAMIL MOVIE SONG LYRICS" page in www.geocities. site. I just browsed through it.


  • From: Sridhar K (@ on: Fri May 5 15:17:01 EDT 2000

    Hi RAM,

    Thanks for the information. I found the lyrics for the song, which I been looking for a long long time. Perseverance at TFMPAGE pays.

    One more proof of TFMPAGE being the greatest of all sites for all those in search of Tamil film songs lyrics.

    Thanks for all who took the trouble in responding.

  • From: hari (@ on: Sat May 6 01:38:44 EDT 2000

    it may be 70s song ram it is from manavan.

  • From: New Mom (@ on: Sat May 6 18:04:39 EDT 2000

    Hi guys,

    This is new mom again. Ok, I should not ask more than 2 songs at a time. I agree. Please someone post me lyrics of these 2 atleast, please...........

    1. Varam thantha samikku pathamana lalli...
    Film : Sippikul Muthu
    2. Chinnajchiru Kiyile kannamma, selvakkalanjiyame - A Bharathiyar song.
    Film : Neethikku thandanai

    I need them to sing as a 'Thalattu' to my new born. I will be really happy to have them.

  • From: Ramki (@ on: Sat May 6 22:01:07 EDT 2000

    New mom:

    laali laali laali laali
    laali laali laali laali

    varam thandha saamikku padhamaana laali
    rajadhi rajankku nijamaana laali
    kurumbaana kannanukku ahaaaaa
    kurumbaana kannanukku idhamaana laali
    jagam potrum devanukku vagaiyaana laali

    aanandha kannanukku aazhvaarum naanae(2)
    sriraaman paada vandha kambanaadan naanae
    rama rajanukku valmeeki naanae
    aagaya vannanukku thyagayaar...naanae

    varam thandha saamikku

    aaari aarireero
    aari aarireeroooooo

    kalyana raamanakku kousalyai naanae(2)
    yadhu vamsa veeranukku yasodhai naanae
    gajayanai muganukkuuuuuuuu
    gayayanai muganukku malayanai naane
    paar potrum Muruganukku parvathiyum naanae

    varam thanda saamikku

  • From: New Mom (@ on: Sun May 7 17:42:25 EDT 2000

    Thank you very much Ramki.

  • From: Valli (@ on: Sun May 7 23:57:10 EDT 2000

    Hello ... can someone please post the lyrics of Kannaamoochi from Kandukonden Kandukonden

  • From: Valli (@ on: Sun May 7 23:58:58 EDT 2000

    New Mom: the lyrics to Chinnajiru Kiliyae can be found on this webpage :)

  • From: ANGIE (@ on: Mon May 8 05:06:47 EDT 2000

    HEY GUYS......

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