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Ilayaraja experiments with Sambhu Ilayaraja experiments with Sambhu

Topic started by NCR (@ on Wed Jun 11 12:18:43 EDT 2003.
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The director Suresh Varma recorded entire songs of Sambhu film with a music director and shot the songs. After the entire episode is over, the director felt that music is not good. He approached maestro Ilayaraja and showed him the film and requested him to compose music for this film. Impressed by Suresh Varma's work, the maestro has agreed to do the music. Now for the first time in the history, Ilayaraja has composed new tunes by looking at the visuals of songs of a film. It's a pretty difficult task as the mood and lip-sync of the artists has to be taken care of while weaving tunes. Aryan acts as hero in this film. Incidentally maestro and his son Yavan Shankar Raja are composing music for a film each of Aryan (Sambhu and Aadanthe Ado Type).

IR did rerecording before for a Hindi Movie and now songs also. What else is left for IR to experiment?


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