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IlayaRaaja, SPBalu felicitate MSV IlayaRaaja, SPBalu felicitate MSV

Topic started by Prashanth (@ on Tue Sep 21 10:14:55 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

It was a memorable event/programme conceived by the singing legend SPBalu, MAA TV to confer the Musical Achievement Award to

MSViwanathan by Maestro Ilayaraaja in the presence of noted Telugu Fim Stalwarts/producers/actors/actresses.

I jumped with joy with the very sight of the Maestro on MAA TV and sat glued to it for such a long time on MAA TV this sunday

and I even put aside India Pak match till the end of this event.

Friends, it was again a palatable feast for me to witness this event comprising our beloved Maestro talking at good length of

time with a spate of Telugu words on the occasion of felicitation of MSV.

Janaki and Balu sang "kannepillavani kannulunnaavani ....." from AakaliRajyam *ing Kamal and Sridevi composed by MSV.

I will not hesitate to put down the conversation the musical trio (SPBAlu, Raaja and MSV) had on the stage, playing my

recorded tape, in mind, but in brevity.

Balu: I am immensely happy to have MSV and Raaja here. I am extremely thankful for both the legends to have offered me in

Tamil and sing their heavenly compositions. nenu vaariki aemichchi runam theerchukogalanu?

Maestro started off with Telugu and then stuttered, and switched to Tamil, in the due course, well assisted by SPBalu to

offer the Telugu translation.
Raaja could n't resist delivering his speech in 'Telugu' because of an exuberant Telugu audience.
Raaja used apt Telugu words on the occasion. He still has good touch with Telugu.

Raaja sang a Tamil song and he paused at the end of each line to be translated by SPBalu. Before he started, he asked Balu.

"You must translate it word to word and sing it in the same tune in Telugu". Balu (perhaps-bcoz I dunno Tamil) sang the same

lines. Immediately, after 2 lines, IR sang the other 2 lines himself in Telugu. Similarly, Raaja began his words in Tamil

with translation by Balu but immd'ly took the task himself and with difficulty, spoke in Telugu.
He said,"We have heard about Thyaagaraaja, Muthuswamy Deekshitaar, Mozart but never seen them." What can we offer to them in

Now we have Annayya with us in our generation. What can we offer to this great genius?

I have learnt a lot from Annayya but I could not imbibe one best quality from Annayya, i.e., the down-to-earth attitude of

winning the approval from all regarding a tune that he composes. Whenever he composes a tune, he enquires about it with

everyone around. He even does it with the coffee boy and on his approval only, he signs off the tune. But I could never do

that nor I can do that. This has been a significant quality of this genius. If I don't mention this now, I am afraid, there

would not be any record of this.

At the age of 14 when I was wondering what my destiny would be, I happened to listen to a composition by Annayya and that

ignited great passion for music in me and helped me come a long way as this. <<<
remember it>>>>

MSV: I still consider myself a drop in the ocean of music. I can do more music given a chance, even at this age. I am not

craving for money but I crave only for music, music, music, and music.
I am a Great fan of Ilaiayaraaja for his vast musical knowledge and genius.

MSV showered praises on Balu for his genius and urged everyone to learn from SPBalu, his obedience and great respect for

elders. He quoted with an example,"Every one knows that Balu built a studio. It is neither after his father, nor his mother

but his mentor Kodhandapaani. He paid his greatest tributes to this composer who had given Balu a foothold in the Film

Playback singing".

Actually, Balu was translating MSV's words. But when MSV said he has got something great to say about Balu, Balu refrained

from further translating saying that he cannot boast of himself. Immd'ly another upcoming singer Parthasarathy took over and

translated the above words.

(Telugu IR fans.....) Friends.....I could not wait further to publish this in an elegant manner.
Jagan, I invite your comments too!!!

Long live Raaja!!!


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