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Eira Nilam -BR's Movie Music Relased Eira Nilam -BR's Movie Music Relased

Topic started by Mumbai Ramki (@ on Fri May 16 02:39:13 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The music is by sirpy ..Here is my review ..

1.Eira NIla -Ranjith ,GANGA

The begining flute is very similar to ARR's ..and the whole songs has a flavour of ARR ..Ranjith has sung very well ...8/10

2.Karisakattu ( sirpy , sujatha )

Well, i found little difference between the above songs ,the same style ..SIrpy voice fits for the mood ....7/10

3.Semabaurthi (Ranjith ,Anuradha Sriram)
This is nice suprise duet from sirpy typical orchestration though ..Nice hummable song 8.5/10

4.Karpa Maram ( Anuradha sriram ,Sathya )
this song is similar to Unne nenachen of Shokka thangam though it isneither inspired or copy ....Nice hummable song 8/10

5.Poothana ( Timmy)
This is a different song from the rest ,witha nice rythm and nice melody .Similar to ETho Onne from SMK .....9/10

Some observations ..

1.Sirpy has defintely changed his style
2.In that process has tried to imitate ARR which is very bad !!!


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