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'mayakkum' paadalgaL... 'mayakkum' paadalgaL...

Topic started by o{-_-}o (@ on Thu Apr 27 14:50:20 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I would like to concentrate on and compile a flist of songs that lead the listener to a state of abstraction without being classifiably sad or happy, songs that have some kind of unqualified yearning and lyrics that do not follow any specific pattern. IMO, for such songs you need to forget their context in the film and consider them alone. IR has produced some really mindblowing creations of this kind - springing to the mind aree kanavil midhakkum from eera viZi kAviyangaL and uravenum pudhiya vAnil from nenjaththai kiLLAdhe....


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