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Tamil MP3s On The Web - Pls Read Tamil MP3s On The Web - Pls Read

Topic started by Ramesh (@ on Sat May 10 23:59:27 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hello friends, I have been collecting MP3s on the web and also creating and posting them on P2P networks.

I find that most Tamil MP3s are heavily compressed to save space and to make downloads faster. However, when you compress a great deal there is a lot of quality loss and the sound quality will never match CD quality audio.

There is an easy way to create Hi quality MP3s and you can do it by using completely *free* software.

- Use EAC (Exact Audio Copy) for ripping
[This software will read the song from the audio CD and store it in .WAV format in your hard disk. This is the *exact* song that is there in your CD. A typical ripped song will be 6-8 MB in size]

- Use LAME to compress ripped song into MP3
[Lame will compress your ripped song into an MP3. It has different quality settings. If you compress more, size of MP3 will be less, but quality will be affected. There is a certain optimum level where the MP3 file will be smaller than a CD song file, but a user cannot detect the difference in a blind test. LAME comes with this setting as default].

So please use EAC+LAME to create CD quality MP3s. It will take you less than 20 mins to master the process.

Download and Instructions Link [tutorial]

Sorry for the long mail, I hope I haven't bored anyone!


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