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Why is discussion forum biased against KB? Why is discussion forum biased against KB?

Topic started by Prabhu (@ on Wed Oct 8 14:46:50 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This isnt meant to be another comparison thread but just an opinion going by the comments in the various threads. Its surprising why KB never gets his due for his innovations and instead becomes targets for several trivial issues. Why are so many lesser directors allowed to get away so easily and their glaring deficiencies neglected?

Manirathinam, for all his asthetic touches to film-making, is many a time found wanting in ideas. Since Nayagan of 1988, there hasnt been much change in his themes. Add a layer of dialogs to some BBC documentary and you get a mani movie!
Mani preys on the helplessness of the viewer to negative social issues like terrorism. Beyond that nothing much!
I wonder how many are familiar with The Wonder Years, a popular serial that ran from 1988-93 in US and 93-98 in India on Star Plus. Just click here for the transcripts of some 100 episodes
Mani's style of dialogs and interactions are very much similar to TWY. Click on any episode to verify. Mani was heavily inspired!!

KB is often blamed for his anti-climactic endings. But then, to expect a "lived-happily-ever-after" ending in his movies is to only insult his intellect. The rest of his mistakes, probably every other director does. When it comes to interactions between the characters of his movies, KB is unmatched. Nobody even comes close.
Interesting situations and interplays, KB is the master of weaving those magical plots.
Though Thalapathi and Mouna Ragam get my vote for alltime greatest film-making, anyday, KB alone satisfies.


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