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<b>A R Rahman Chennai Concert-A Report with pictures</b> A R Rahman Chennai Concert-A Report with pictures

Topic started by Jay (@ on Sat Feb 22 00:31:49 EST 2003.
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Chennai Concert: Rahman lights up hearts of Chennaiites NEW!
[Source: New Ind Press, Feb 2003]

Singers Karthik, Shankar Mahadevan, and Shreenivas, performing with others at the 'Unity of Light' concert by A R Rahman at Taramani in Chennai on Friday.

CHENNAI: Darkness set the scene, suddenly a burst of light and sound, waterfall of fire as one audience member remarked, A R Rahman in the centre of a stage 120 feet long, 65 feet high, his silhouette on a projector behind.

A R Rahman performing at the Unity of Light concert at the Central Polytechnic-India Pistons ground, Taramani in Chennai on Friday.

Cameras panned, dollied and trollied about as playback singer S P Balasubramaniam burst into Oruvan oruvan mudhalali from the Tamil movie Muthu. Accompanied by 23 violinists, 10 backup vocalists and 45 musicians all on stage, including the bald and gleaming Sivamani.

ARR live, for the first time in his hometown, Chennai.

Telephone manipol from the Kamal Haasan blockbuster Indian, and a song from Bombay Dreams followed. Sixteen dancers and brilliant choreography by Terence got the place rocking. After Sukhwinder Singh and Vasundhra Dass did their bit, Blasse the rapper pounced on the stage.

Rahman, Sivamani as well as Christy and Rashid did an improved version of Ooh la la from the movie Minsara Kanavu. Next was a medley of Dippu dippu, Muqqabla muqqabla and Baba rap performed by Shankar Mahadevan and Blasse.

Baba ended one session of numbers that also included songs from Kadhal Virus, Dil Se, Bombay and Bombay Dreams. After that, lyricists Vaale and Vairamuthu felicitated Rahman.

The next 10 minutes of the concert were dedicated to the memory of the late composer Mahesh Mahadevan. Dr Shantha from the Cancer Institute spoke for a few minutes about the need to create the awareness of cancer, stressing that the core problem lies not in the disease but the delay in treating it.

Then the show went on. And the crowd went wild.

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