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why is Deva/MSV songs are more easy listening than IR? why is Deva/MSV songs are more easy listening than IR?

Topic started by other_side (@ on Tue Apr 29 10:26:31 EDT 2003.
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Ok.let me first clear up that it is not a comparison between the MD's.I feel some of the melodies of Deva and MSV are very easy listening and very pleasing than most of IR's melodies.
1)Koovura kuilu sevalla pathu padikkuthu pattu
2)priya priya priya
3)padaithaney brahma devan 16 vayathu kolam
4)muthu maniye, muzhu nilavey
what is the reason.
1)Is it because IR is too structured
2)Is it because SPB/SJ have a free hand with these MD's and they give there best..

can someone explain this technically


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