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AR Rahman's Tamil Blockbuster "BOYS" AR Rahman's Tamil Blockbuster "BOYS"

Topic started by Theepan (@ on Tue May 6 23:23:20 EDT 2003.
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Rahman's much anticipated "Boys" is set to release soon and everyone is keen on finding out more about this album. Who are the singers? What are the soundtracks like? When is the release date? Will the album be delayed? If anyone has any idea; please post here....

Also; use this thread to discuss this album..

Here is what i found::

Typical of Shankar, the director is not prepared to say much about the film at this point. However, it is known that the film will be very youthful, almost teeny-bop, in content, with the majority of the cast being in the 16-23 age group.

Shankar, apparently, has decided to cast all new faces in his film and the younger the better.

In fact, a mention in various Tamil periodicals, and an accompanying advertisement to the effect that Shankar was looking for new faces, has created a headache of sorts for the producers. Curriculums vitae have been pouring in to the Surya Movies post box ever since the ad and the story ran in the vernacular press and last heard from, the flood shows no signs of abating.

Curiously enough, the ad appears thanks to emails and discussion groups to have reached an audience abroad as well, with the result that newer batches of applications have US, British and suchlike stamps on them, which suits the producer and director fine since the film does incorporate a lot of NRI faces.

For Shankar, Boys will be a return to romance after Kadhalan, and to comedy after the Aishwarya Rai-Prashanth starrer Jeans. Though the film will feature fresh and ergo, inexpensive faces, Shankar maintains that the film will be typical of his style, which means lavish budgets, and expensive production values.


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