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<b>King of Indian Pop - A.R.Rahman</b> King of Indian Pop - A.R.Rahman

Topic started by Dinesh (@ on Tue Dec 9 01:46:28 EST 2003.
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The best of Rahman

SOUTH INDIAN music maestro A.R. Rahman will be hitting town with his famed World Tour 2003 that is set to roll at Stadium Shah Alam on Dec 20.

The concert can be considered “the event of the year” as it will feature performances by top Indian artistes like playback singers S.P. Balasubramaniam, Hariharan, Shanker Mahadevan and the sultry Vasundhara Das.

Also joining the entourage are bhangra singer Sukhwinder Singh, Blaaze, Sadhana Sargam, Sunidhi Chauhan plus a strong crew comprising 15 back-up singers, 60 musicians, 20 Bombay model dancers and 10 technical crew-cum-engineers.

For the concert, the gifted instrumentalist-cum-singer will be performing songs from the latest blockbuster movies like Boys, Ennaku 20 Unnakku 18, Hindi songs from Taal and Satiya and his latest music score from the Chinese film Warriors of Earth and Heaven.

A.R.Rahman will perform his hit songs at Stadium Shah Alam on Dec 20.
According to concert organiser Naushad Ahamad, Rahman will be performing about 40 songs during the three and a half hour show. Rahman will also be belting Vanthe Mataram, a crowd-pleaser that showcases his talent as a singer.

“This is his second concert in Malaysia and we are expecting about 35,000 to 40,000 fans at the event. His debut concert, held in 1996, attracted a staggering 30,000 fans and we foresee a bigger crowd now as Rahman is an acclaimed international music director.”

Famed as one of India’s foremost musical artistes, Rahman’s infectious music compositions have won him much praise in India.

Even the late Pakistani musician Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who performed a duet with Rahman in the song Vande Mataram hailed him as a musical genius.

Rahman, 36, was born A.S. Duleep Kumar, but adopted the name A.R. Rahman when he embraced Islam.

He comes from a richly musical family with K.A. Sekar, an acclaimed music director in South India, for a father.

Rahman started playing music from his early childhood and performed on the keyboards for various music directors in the South Indian film industry including Ramesh Naidu, M. S. Viswanathan and Illaiyaraja.

He earned a scholarship to the Trinity College in London and upon returning to his hometown, spent six years composing jingles before moving on to creating music for movies.

Rahman shot to stardom after composing some tantalising tunes for Roja, a box office hit 10 years back which starred Arvindswamy, Madhubala and Naseer. His mesmerising compositions earned him the Best Music Director award in the National Film Award (similar to the Oscars) from the Indian Government.

Since then, he has not looked back, coming up with mesmerising hit songs from movie soundtracks like May Madham, Gentleman, Karuthamma, Puthiya Mannargal, Kizhakku Cheemiyelae, Puthiya Mugam and Duet.

His 1995 soundtrack for the touching love story movie, Bombay, surpassed the five million mark and earned him the title “King of Indian Pop”.

Following that, it has been an exhilarating uphill ride for the brilliant performer. To date, he has a string of esteemed awards under his belt.

Awards accorded by magazines to industry accolades include Rajat Kamal, Filmfare, Cinema Express, Telegu Academy Purashkar, Bommai Nagi Reddy, Sumu, Rajiv Gandhi and Padmashree Award to name a few.

After more than two-dozen hits, countless prestigious awards and an impressive array of films in progress, there is little that Rahman needs to prove to anybody today. His stint with Andrew Lloyd Webber on Bombay Dreams and the recent soundtrack for Warriors of Heaven and Earth are merely the starting points for his international credentials.

Two month ago, Rahman was commissioned to produce music for the West End version of Tolkien’s epic The Lord of the Rings due to open in the spring of 2005.

A.R. Rahman World Tour 2003 is set to heat up Stadium Shah Alam at 7.30pm on Dec 20. Tickets are priced at RM30, RM50 and RM100.
In the Klang Valley, tickets are available at Venga Textiles (03-6092 0366/6120 6264); Gayathree (03-4044 8334); Raja Video Centre (03-4041 3432); Saradhas Textiles (03-2693 9898); Alai Osai Production (03-2274 3023); Maran Cash & Carry (012-660 7612); Melody Audio Video Centre (03-2072 6797), Pusat Video Malar (03-5882 4470); As Video Shop (012-364 2986); Vasu Music Centre (03-3373 7512); Restoran Shajahan Maju (03-4260 1162); Al Maju Restoran (03-4149 5082), Maju Curry House (03-4143 5082); Restoran Maju Terus (03-4142 1162); Restoran Ali Maju (03-2093 4163); Maju Curry House (03-2284 1162/2072 1162/7955 6162/012-686 5045/7806 1162/4044 1162 ); Restoran S Maju (03-5635 9730); Hare Krishna Textiles (03-3187 1230); Gem Restaurant (03-7783 4345/2260 1373) and Srin Maju Enterprise (03-7725 2080).

Alternatively, tickets can be picked up at Kapitan Restaurant in Penang (013-606 1611).

For more details contact 03- 2260 4048/2260 2540 or fax 03-2260 4048/2261 1356.


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