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Yugendran - The Singer Yugendran - The Singer

Topic started by Kum_Laden (@ on Fri Oct 3 20:37:58 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

As a singer, he is one of the best among the young. But his voice is only used rarely and once in a while Baradwaj or HJ gives him a decent song. I wish Yugendran and Saran get atleast equal chances as Karthik or Devan.

Would like to discuss his songs the latest being 'Solla Vantha Sollai...' from a Baradwaj Movie. ( One more nice melody by Baradwaj ignored as usual by the listeners :( )

List of his nice songs

1.Parthaen parthaen from a Baradwaj movie.
2.Muthan Muthalaai - Laysa Laysa
3.Mullai Poo Soodi Kondu - Kathal Samrajyam


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