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Remastering Tamil oldies Remastering Tamil oldies

Topic started by Shankar Ramakrishnan (@ on Tue May 5 00:54:58 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am reposting the below message on a new thread I just created after realizing the original thread to which I posted it, "Pathetic Recording Quality of Raja Songs" was as dead as a dinosaur. I think that regulars on this thread would agree with me on preserving some of the timeless treasures of Tamil film songs from the pre-Illayaraja era.

Original message follows-

am new here and kind of late to this thread, I guess. But I have always been interested in remastering some of the oldies of MSV, A.M. Raja, etc. I have
listened to the current CD recordings and have found most to be pathetic, worse than even cassette recordings. I suspect whoever did the CD mastering just
used a plain retail cassette instead of a studio master and didn't do a good job either. When I came from India, I had recorded a lot of songs from Vividh
Bharathi, and frankly have found them to be of better quality than my friend's CD collection.

Does anyone know if the original master cuts are still lying somewhere in the studios? If they are, would the people who own the rights be cooperative in
letting someone with an expertise in digital remastering do it? (No, I don't mean myself.) Also, if the originals are in 4/8 track, we can probably get stereo
although, being the traditionist I am, I prefer them being in mono.

Anyone on this thread have any ideas?



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