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Are these movies MD'ed By IR? Are these movies MD'ed By IR?

i posted this earlier on s.c.t and P.Ganesan referred me to this group..

Can anyone confirm if the following movies are MD'ed by Ilayaraja?
Any other stats will also be useful (year, actors, songs etc...)

Aadu Puli Aattam (vaanukku thandhai evano)
Aani ver (*ing Sivakumar, Saritha)
Aayiram Pookkal malarattume (poomedayO pon veenaiyo..)
Eni Padikal (Poondhenil kalandhu..)
Kannukkoru vannakkili (unnai naan paarkkayil..)
Mannukkul vairam (*ing Sivaji)
Pattikkaattu raja (unnai naan paarthadhu vennila medayil
Periua Idathhu Pillai (*ing Arjun)
Shenbagame Shenbagame (vaasalile poosanippoo)
Suvarilladha Siththirangal (kaadhal vaibhogame..)
Thisai maariya paravaigal (*ing sumalatha)
Thottaal Sudum (dori dori dommakka..)
Urimai geetham (mella mella nadandhu vandhadhu kaadhal..)
Vandi Chakkaram (va machchan vaa..)
Vayasukku vandhaachchu (kaanji pattoduththi..)


There was a movie with Chanrasekhar and Nisha with the song "Alli vachha"..
Was it "Inimai Idho Idho" or "Ilamai Idho Idho"? What's the
right one?

How about the movie dubbed from Malayalam "Poove Pon Poove",
with Mammooty? Was it MD'ed by Ilayaraja? If so, what's the name
of the Malayalam original?

Thanks a bunch !

Topic started by Dev Mannemela (@ on Fri Sep 5 04:06:15 EDT 1997.
All times in EDT +9:30 for IST.


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