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Is it a rule that only 'female' numbers cause musical revolutions in TFM ? Is it a rule that only 'female' numbers cause musical revolutions in TFM ?

Topic started by cosmician (@ on Tue May 28 09:08:16 EDT 2002.
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Hi...I'm back !

Actually I've beeh hanging around in the forums for about two weeks now...not been able to decide where and when to contribute. But after seeing 'magix''s poem in his thread "nooooo..." - I think it's him (he used to write in rhymes in the beginning when he was new in the forum - Magix..I apologise if it was not you !) - I decided to start a thread..a question that has been boggling me for quite some time.
Why is it that only "female" songs have gained new MDs recognition or rather given them their first big hit !
I am not sure of MSV, but IR, ARR and now HJ all strode into the spotlight with their female number becoming a huge hit. What are the musical, psychological and social reasons for this ? And is this only limited to TFM or is it a universal phenomenon ?


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