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Topic started by SHYSUN (@ on Tue Jul 10 03:59:00 EDT 2001.
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Very disappointed to say,songs in majnu are boring,nothing new or innovative,mudar kanavae has been lifted from the not so forgotten "kannukkul nooru nilava idhu enna kanava" from vedam pudidu-hamsalekha.gulmohar was so hyped that it just fizzed out to be from pachai niramae which itself was a lift of tarzan boy.BONZAI is from chandiranai thottadu yaar -ratchagan ,which was lifted from sunita rao's pari hun main,well all of you will have to agree with these facts,my conclusion is all these guys,arr ,hj and co,do not compose in front of the directors,they just get inspired at nights as they say and give the tune to singers and wait for them to make modulations as all the singers have said in thier interviews,but there are composers who stick to their compositions and are very particular about it,harini has disclosed about this in jaya tv in an interview to abdul hameed,you know who iam mentioning about,all these guys are saleable no doubt,but 45 rupees of us is wasted.we are fools to buy inspired music ,it is sick and is worsening,is there so much of paucity in ideas to these guys who have a chance to prove,DISAPPOINTING !...


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