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Who should be the MD for Rajini's next movie... Who should be the MD for Rajini's next movie...

Topic started by Derek Jeter (@ on Mon Aug 19 12:24:44 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Baba's music had mixed reactions from TFM.... Some had mentioned it was good, most of them had said it was a decent one and some of them had told it was too bad... Now that BABA has come and gone, let's focus on his next venture (which is not confirmed yet though)... Who should be the MD for this movie... Though Deva is branded as a copycat, he is best suited to Rajini's movies.. ARR has not had the best results with Rajini and IR has not had a movie with Rajini since Veera... Should Rajini stick with ARR or Deva , or should he go back to IR... Why not try a MD like Bharadhwaj or vidhyasagar.... ??


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