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Query Vairamuthu's "en kuLathil kal eRinthavargaL"

Topic started by paamaram (@ on Wed Dec 8 15:12:38 EST 1999.
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Vairamuthi on KJY in his "indha kuLathil kal eRinthavargaL"

Vairumthu says - When Tamilians themselves pronounce Thamizh as "Thamil" there is no surprise when a man from different language pronounces thamizh badly.

When it has been written as "Thirukoyilae" they (KJY) sing it as "Therukoyilae" - kanadhasan had condemned KJY for which KJY had replied "the poet could have corrected me during the recording".

Vairamuthu says " Whether kanadhasan had taken the right given by KJY or not i took it. But i came to understand lately that KJY could'nt digest this.How much i loved KJY's voice at the same time i was also stern that his pronounciation should also be good. It is like a husband standing outside the maternity ward where his worries are both the mother as well the child should'nt die. My worries are like that... For such a big Sangeetha Methai - could'nt digest this small thing. He thought correcting him was more like troubling(varuthuvathai pol) him..

On the recording studio we shake our hands as roses but when we depart we find blood strains in our hands (olipathivu koodathil ovoru muRaiyum rojakaLAi thaan kaikuluki koLkiRom - kulukia kaikaL pirigiRa pothu kaiyil rathamae kasigirathu)

Vairamuthu says he had to correct KJY on lot of occassions - examples are "thaneeril mooLgathu kAtRuLA banthu" in "eeraman rojave", "muthal ezhuthu thAi mozhiyil thalai ezhuthu yAr mozhiyil" in "veLai puRa onRu.."

More he says "We 've to reconsider 'a'garam is sigaram for thamzih. 'a'garam is only assthivaram for thamizh. 'zha'garam thaan thamizhukku sigaram"

He says " Once MSV was correcting KJY very often in a recording. When they were doing so - and when MSV said 'Ready Take' they did'nt find KJY inside the recording room!! he was on the road in his car!!!!"

Very recently KJY was singing "Aan azhuvathu pizhaiyanathu.penn azhuvathu kalaiyanathu" - as usual there was trouble in 'zha'garam. I corrected him. But KJY became very hot!KJY asked "Will u(Vairamuthu)be correcting till death ?" I asked back "Till whose death" KJY replied "Till both of us die". I replied back saying "No. till thamizh does'nt die". I retured back home without telling him.

(Sorry for the mixing of speeches direct/indirect as well as the poor translation)


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