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IR's sumaaru/mediocre songs with links/pointers IR's sumaaru/mediocre songs with links/pointers

Topic started by KS (@ on Tue Jan 8 16:26:44 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

How about providing links/pointers for IR’s sumaaru/mediocre/avg/ok songs that have not been great hits and/or very popular? Basically, there are many IR songs that fall in this category and this can be considered an attempt in bringing certain lesser known/unknown songs to light. The links will help us listen to the songs during the day at work place and/or as a pastime:) They could be good in patches or one may like a few specific moments of a song that would make them suggest the song to a friend. So, without being selfish share what you enjoy!

You can even supplement the link with a small note explaining what to look for in a specific song. I also request DFers not to post more than 5 (or maybe 10:)) links/pointers a day in total so that we can do some work, at work place.

PS: Post only when you have the links/pointers.


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