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Not-so-good uvamaigaL Not-so-good uvamaigaL

Topic started by eden (@ on Sat May 5 05:13:15 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Chanced to hear a song aired by Cbe radio -`adhi kAlai kadhirE' in a film called uRudhi mozhi. It's an excellent song, announced to be in Gowri manOhari rAgam (MD-IR), but I felt the lyricist has given a not-so-good illustration in using the term `adhi kAlai nilavE' in portions of the song.

I felt comparing someone with morning moon is odd. If I'm correct, one sees moon in the morning only during thEipiRai. Did the poet mean an ageing lady?:-))

DF-ers, please throw your comments as well as similar odd illustrations!


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