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Rahman - Vairamuthu Conflict Rahman - Vairamuthu Conflict

Topic started by Nandini (@ on Mon Jul 1 12:30:00 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

everyone said that after that kandokondEn audio release function VM and ARR would not work together, VM not writing for thenali, rahman has opted new lyricists and so....

but they made it a false news by working for Rythm, Kannathil and Baba.

now its a serious one.
rahman has given an interview in kumudham.
a nice one.
so very interesting.
about bombay dreams,
about next projects and all.

he has openly said the problems between him and VM and would not be working with him here on.
just that one was shocking 'cas ARR has never given such a statement before.

can some one fwd any link to that kumudham page ?

the reasons rahman has listed are,

1) he had to send tunes from london thru phone
and VM was not interested and wanted rahman
to be here which is not possible for him.

2) he also said that VM wanted to do all songs
and was not interested in working with other
lyricist in the same movie.

so he said it would not be possible for both to work together. he also has mentioned VM has contributed a lot to the industry.

there was already a news in Hindu that VM alone was not interested in the making of songs for baba, where all others including rajni were impressed with rahman.

who is going to get affected more by this seperation, rahman or vairamuthu ?

its a fact 15 yrs back when vairamuthu came out of IR he was so much pulled down, he almost had no films to work with and was writing dialogues to dubbing movies and survived with chandrabose like MDs until arrival of ARR.


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