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Personal Glory or Contribution? Personal Glory or Contribution?

Topic started by Tamilian (@ on Tue Jun 25 21:08:06 EDT 2002.
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Many people in the forum keep on saying that Ilayaraja is superior because of the number of movies he did.

But there is another side to this coin.

The question we need to ask is why did he accept movies, just from anyone, and in the process giving sub standard music for small timers and better songs for his prefered selected few?

Why could he not be magnamious enough and go by the philosophy, "live and let live" and allow other MDs to also survive?

Why did he take advantage of his success to monopolise the industry, depriving other MDs of their chances?

In the end it all boils down to GREED and PERSONAL GLORY.

This can be proven in many ways:

1. He accepted all movies that came his way, knowing fully well that he cannot give his full attention to all. At the same time he was also killing off the other MDs.

2. He started this image building exercise by publishing (or allowing) his photo in all his movies.

3. He started the royalty system.

Some Ilayaraja fans have twisted all the above to his advantage, when actually IR derived maximum advantage from these with the industry being the loser.

Personal Glory or Contribution? What say you?


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