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ARR to record Music for Rajni's BABA in London ARR to record Music for Rajni's BABA in London

Topic started by NCR (@ on Tue Mar 26 10:10:04 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

For those who can read telugu ( Dynamic Link doesnt work after a day ).
The reports tells as follows:

ARR is going London to do Music for Rajanikanth's BABA in London. Though this is not first time for ARR to go abroad leaving his panchathan Studio, this is not new. He will be doing everything there like composing and voice mixing. With Vairamuthu's lyrics and Rajani's style, this movie is going to attract people.

Chennai's people are discussing that When sishya ( Student ) is recording in London , Guru ( Master ) is also often recording music in Hungary.

PS: Last statement should be some interesting news for all ARRF's and IRF's


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