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Importance to Virtue (chastity / kaRpu) in TFM Importance to Virtue (chastity / kaRpu) in TFM

Topic started by eden (@ on Wed Dec 20 04:49:18 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

`oruvanukku oruththi' & `no uRavu (why even no sparisam) before marriage' are traditional values of Thamizh culture (or that's what my understanding is)...silambu is one big example of this...kuRaL also venerates wife of chastity as `dheivam thozhAL, kozhunan thozhudhezhuvAL, `pei' enappeiyyum mazhai'...

Even during my growing-up days, it's considered a mistake to unintentionally touch a person of opposite sex (wherever I lived / studied) and an intentional touch (let alone petting)is considered a SIN..(why most elderly people won't even tolerate eyeing)...

why this preaching, one might ask, now comes the...hi,hi,

Discussion point:
1. How have TFM viewed this aspect over the decades of its existence - accepted / condemned / uncared?
2. Is there a specific debasing influence of TFM on the above aspect of Thamizhs' lives?

Please let us discuss with specific TFM examples only and let this thread not become some 3rd rate pattimandRam like `kaRpil siRandhavaL kaNNagiyA, mAdhaviyA':-)


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