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IR's usage of same tune for contrasting moods IR's usage of same tune for contrasting moods

Topic started by raghu (@ on Mon May 1 14:54:39 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This morning while I was listening to Pothi vachcha malligai mottu ( maN vAsanai - pathos version) I realised I liked the sad version more than the happy one. Generally IR differentiates the mood by changing the prelude/interludes + tempo and invariably I would always like the happy version over the sad one. A set of songs to begin our discussion with would be
1. Povomaa oorgolam ? (Chinnathambi)
2. PooPoley, un punnagaiyil (kavarimaan)
3. Potri paadadi ponney (Thevar magan)
4. PoTHi vaCHa malligai moTTu (maN vaasanai)
5. Chinna KaNNaN azhaikkirAN (KaviKKuyil - pathos 2nd interlude was out of the world tho my personal fav is Balamurali Krishna's happy version)


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