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TMS+PS or SPB + SJ, Endha Jodi Sirandha Jodi ? TMS+PS or SPB + SJ, Endha Jodi Sirandha Jodi ?

Topic started by kumarr (@ on Thu Nov 11 12:46:21 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Eventhough, this may not be the first time, that this subject is raised in this forum, still I wish to re-open the debate.

I feel that the SPB-SJ Jodi Porutham is better than the TMS-PS Jodi Porutham.

If MSV era was dominated by TMS-PS pair, Illayaraja saga was dominated by SPB-SJ Pair.

Both the pairs have produced wonderful songs and a treat to our ears.

Guys, which of these two pairs, do you feel, have an edge over the other and for what reasons ?


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