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Tips in the art of "raagaa tracing" Tips in the art of "raagaa tracing"

Topic started by Ragapriyan (@ on Tue Nov 3 03:26:45 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This thread is an off-shoot of Murali Shankar's useful thread on the same raagaa used
for different moods. It also has close connection with the permanent threads on Raagaas
and Notes for tfm songs. As a beginner learning the technicalities of music I am doing
a self-learning battle in the art of tracing notes of tfm songs and, in that process
identify the raagaa associated with a song (if such an association exists). The main
aim of this thread: can experts share their method of how they go about identifying
raagaas (or, scales, in general)?
In the permanent raagaa thread, DFers typically
ask for the scale of a particular song and a typical reply from an expert is that the song
belongs to a particular raagaa or has shades of another raagaa or violates the raagaa
a little because Ni is present etc etc. Now I am requesting here the experts to explain
how they go about doing such analysis. You can choose as many examples as you can. Is
it that you just hear a song and an unconscious pattern matching mechanism in the brain
says that the song belongs to a particular raagaa? If that is the case, then learning
cannot be explained. Or, Is it that you trace the note by note and, while doing that, find
certain characteristic phrases that immediately prompt you to look for a particular
raagaa occuring. Or, is it that, you trace out all notes of the song in detail and then
look at the arohana/avarohana of a library of raagaas and pick the best match. If the
last is the typical way it is done, then you have actually traced out the notes, is
it not? Then why not take a little bit of more effort and type-in the notes for the
beginners like me to get a hang for tracing the notes. Also, how does one find out the
scale shift (kattai)? There could be many more related questions for beginners. I
very much request experts (and even semi-experts) to take some time (please) and
enlighten other participants with some tips in the art of "raagaa tracing".


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