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Bharani and BalaBarathy ! Bharani and BalaBarathy !

Topic started by NagaS (@ on Mon Jun 17 06:22:52 EDT 2002.
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VeRu oru Threadilirunthu suruttiyathu ... :-)

Shall we talk about Bharani and Balabharathy ? (and if possible, compare them ...),

Both these composers are defenitely above average and are talented enough to be talked at par with giants.

I see many similarities in their style of composing - especially both of them look like big fans of IR and that reflects in their songs too.

I am an IR fan and have a 'pidivaathamaana' opinion that nobody can beat IR when it comes to melodies, Even these guys don't prove me wrong, But Their Songs like 'Asainthaadum KaatRukku', 'Athikaalaik kaatRee Nillu', 'Udalennaa uyirenna' make me feel proud and envy at the same time ... :-) (Esp., 'Athikaalaik kaatRee nillu', I don't think any other composer other than IR have used SJ's voice to such great extend, Lovely song !!)

Experts can add more opinions ....



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