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Song(s) of the Day (SsOTD)-- (NOT SOTD!) Song(s) of the Day (SsOTD)-- (NOT SOTD!)

Topic started by Jag (@ on Wed Jul 23 15:31:00 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

With no offense to bb's amazing selection and no doubt inspired by the SOTD thread, I wanted to start a new thread which will be supported by DFers(similar in spirit to the SOTD thread). Many of us come across good songs everyday on the internet which might evoke nostalgia or remind us of specific circumstances of the song or just make us feel good. So if anyone wants to share the song they can provide a link to the song (please provide a URL without just giving the name of the song). However, instead of limiting to just one song we can have a list of songs on any given day. When providing such links please try to see if you can provide the following information:

1. The singers of the song, lyricist and music director
2. Some history of the song and any special circumstance associated with the song
3. A good technical analysis of why u think the song should be one of the SsOTD

I request all DFers to try and make good contributions which will be entertaining as well as educative. Also, just to have some variety I think songs of TFM MD's in other languages will be a good addition to this collection. That way we will know the contributions of TFM MD's in other languages as well.


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