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<b>Is this song a straight lift from Ilayaraja Sir??</b> Is this song a straight lift from Ilayaraja Sir??

Topic started by mus (@ on Fri Nov 29 07:59:54 EST 2002.
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"Ilayanila Pozhigiradhu" to "Neelae ambar par"

hello Sir Ilayaraja lovers,

I think most of you here are MTV and channel [V] freaks, the other day I was watching MTV or Channel [V] (don't remember really), there is a new song from some singer called NITIN BAALI, whose album "Neelae Neelae Anbhar par" , which seems to be a straight lift from Maestro Ilayaraja's song of the 80's "Ilayanila pozhigiradhu".

Recently, Hindi music director of yesteryears, Bappi Lahiri, had sued Universal, because his HIT song of the 1970's has become the HOT song of 2002, after lifting and picturising it in a new way. The song was a straight lift. (The song was "Kaliyon ka chamman").

Are people allowed to life songs like this. Please correct me, if I am wrong and have healthy comments please.


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