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music is nothing but fraud - IR ( old itnerview ) music is nothing but fraud - IR ( old itnerview )

Topic started by Musicfan (@ on Fri Jul 30 14:20:33 EDT 2004.
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One of very old interviews of IR
Found it out today...

What a bold Q&A from IR. Really liked this article and interview
Q : What is your view about music?

A : To me, music is nothing but fraud. The moment you play all the seven notes, music is completed. Then going on repeating it- in different permutations and combinations - is nothing short of cheating. The person whosuccessfully cheats a large audience for an extended period is called the "big" composer. Genuine music, to me,is the one which has no purpose. It should be as natural and as purposeless as the flow of the river. I have a purpose in creating my music. The purpose is business. Saint Thyagaraja sang songs to attain God. So even he had a purpose for his music. At least, he never sold his music. But take a farmer for instance. While ploughing, he spurts into a crescendo of music with no purpose. That is true music.


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