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Shall we start a Thamizh band and a new trend? Shall we start a Thamizh band and a new trend?

Topic started by Ivan (@ on Wed Jul 16 06:57:44 EDT 2003.
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Hello friends,

I am an amateur musician living in Chennai. I compose, write and sing Thamizh songs. My dream is to form a Thamizh music band/group (like we have in English and Hindi), cut albums, and provide a fresh alternative to the Thamizh film music scenario which is growing more limited (in ideas & expression) day by day. In today's scenario (sorry for generalising) where lyrics are fitted to carry the tune to the audience, I believe that a tune should carry the lyrics to the audience.

I know the Thamizhpop scene is almost non-existent today, but I believe I have something to offer, and start a new trend. I'm eager to met fellow musicians who share my enthusiasm. Basically looking for a keyboard player, guitarist, and a percussionist. Other instruments are also fine. I am a vocalist myself, but I'll also need a female vocalist. Lyricists are welcome. I didn't know where to look, until I came to this wonderful TFM forum. I hope to find people here.

My kind of music is basically light Indian melody. Influences range from MSV, IR to ARR. Basically I enjoy songs by quality, and not by composer. I'm very particular about pure Thamizh diction, and am appalled at the growing number of singers who butcher Thamizh words. Music is teamwork, but today we have people sitting in different places and hurriedly joining bits and pieces to make a song. I believe only if bands are formed, new styles can be born and songs can be written to express more than just love (which is the mantra in TFM today) There is an urgent need to create a new genre in Thamizh music. It is my dream to create such music.

I would like those interested in my idea to feel equally strongly about lyrics and diction. And preferably from Chennai, because it would be easy for us to get together and jam. Even if music is your part-time and you have some other job, you should be able to give regular time to the band.
Those interested, and are genuinely sincere about making it in music, please mail me at:

Remember I'm no professional. I'm only starting out, and have a long way to go. Jus thought it would be easier and much more fun if I took off on my ambition with a group of like-minded musicians. Awaiting your replies...
Thank you! :-)


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