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Raja goes where no one does Raja goes where no one does

Topic started by cram (@ on Sun Oct 25 07:23:58 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

helllooo all u raaja rasigans and veriyans out there in cybernadu. we all know IR took TFM to a new plane with his seamless blending of western music, naattuppura isai and his own genius to make life liveable. but he has also trod on uncharted waters in several songs. eg: dil bhar jaane from kalaignan, which is one of the best dandiya ras songs i have ever heard. similarly, the hill tribal rhythm in aasaiya kaathula, vilakku veppoam and malaikkoil vaasalil. can u think of any other? pls leave out hindustani, carnatic and such.


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