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Even Vidhyasagar scores better BGM than Ilayaraaja these days Even Vidhyasagar scores better BGM than Ilayaraaja these days

Topic started by Youth (@ on Mon Jan 27 05:51:52 EST 2003.
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Just watched Anbey Sivam and Ramana. Both have disaster scenes.

In Anbey Sivam, there is a train collision. Kudos to the art director for such realistic settings. Vidhysaagar scores pretty good BGM and gave very good sound effects, that you really feel that you are at the scene of the accident.

By contrast, in Ramana there is a scene where the aprtments collapse. The setting was extremely bad and did not reflect reality. In a buidling collapse, you can see a lot of dust, but not in Ramana. VK looks like he just had a bath!
As for Ilayaraaja's BGM, it just shows that he has lost it. There was absolute silence!
OK, never mind the music. What about human sounds? Shouldn't there be moanings and cries in the aftermath of such a disaster? Abdolutely none!!!

Ilayaraja has stopped delivereing listenable songs and the only quality left in him was supposedly his BGM capability. But if this is his idea of BGM, it is better if he packs up and goes.


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