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Are you an HCIRF?? Are you an HCIRF??

Topic started by vimal (@ on Thu Mar 21 19:06:57 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am an ardent Hard Core, I mean really Hard Core fan of the great (sorry, the greatest), the one and only Ilayaraja. He is the only composer I listen to (sometimes I listen to his kids' works) and I almost worship him. Tears of ecstasy have flown from eyes many times, sometimes, I do "Namaskarams" thinking of him, and most of the times, it is spontaneous, involuntary.

I mean, come on, he is the greatest genius ever, even if you consider the geniuses from all the fields.

The purpose of this thread is, I am interested in knowing about the other HCIRFs visiting the forum. I know for sure, there are fans like SPM, NagaS, Jag, name a few. There used to be guys like Srinath, MPR, Shanmugam Murugappan, eden, and the likes..but I don't get to see much of them these days.

Are you an HCIRF?? How is IR's music affecting you...can you tell me about the feeligns that you get and the actions that you do when you listen to his songs??

And yeah, ROTFL, Whynot, Bharath and the likes, I would take it to be a nice act of decency if you don't show up in this thread. I am not interested in any of your "objective" or "neutral" views, as I said, this is just for HCIRFs.


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