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Westernization of TFM...!! Westernization of TFM...!!

Topic started by Arrogant Master (@ on Sun Dec 14 16:07:42 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Nowdays we are getting too much in westernizing the TFM to the core and hope you dont want me to explain with examples. What is this hell all about? Are we mad? Knowing the western culture and Music is fine. But why do we need to implement them and forget our own Musical style. Some people have really gone mad( ARR, HJ etc...)
They are having a major pshyc. chemical flashback of the dopes taken for all the years, Licking the western. Even ARR gives indian classical stuff ONLY with western Instruments & beats. What Nonsense is this. Totally pissed of with what is happenning around in TFM. Music is to passify & make you feel cool and eternal. But these rubbish beats and foolish Bass Guitar Noices make blood gushing and makes no sense at all.
We people know more about Britney spears and John & michel rather than our own greats like Joshi, Chaurasia, L.Shankare= ... etc...
Where are we heading to...?
Loosing our own identities in the dust of Westernization? Can you deal with that? HUH!!

Hope Someone spins these guys around and revives the TFM.

Just put in your views.


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