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Songs highlighting Family ties Songs highlighting Family ties

Topic started by Prabhu (@ on Mon Aug 5 12:48:26 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

'Family sentiment' has been highlighted in several tamil songs. eg Thenmadurai Vaigai Nathi(Dharmathin Thalaivan - bro to bro), Oru Thanga Rathathil(Dharmayuddam - bro to sis), Amma Yendrazhaikaatha(Mannan - son to mom), Samsaram enbathu veenai(Mayangugiraal oru.. Husband to wife)...I would like to get info on more songs highlighting such ties.
Note: Let us EXCLUDE 'kanavu devadhais' songs, or duets between 'unmarried jodis', only mature duets to be considered when it comes to couples :)


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