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Did S Janaki render songs in pseudo voice? Did S Janaki render songs in pseudo voice?

Topic started by Ravi (@ on Thu Jul 31 05:39:19 EDT 2003.
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I know this would create lot of flutter and annoyance for many. But I am saying this after considerable analysis of many songs of SJ. I also have another TFMpage friend who agreed to my views (I think his name is Satish). Usually a person's voice, when not comfortable at certain pitch, tends to reveal the difficulty in the voice or causes a very unpleasant tone. But SJ's tone is different in different octaves. That what makes me wonder if she sang in pseudo voice. One best sample which comes to my mind is the song 'Vanithaamani' from Vikram. In one of the charanams, SJ sings 'Nicham, nicham' - which sounds very 'un-natural'. I guess she even talks in pseudo voice (I know few people who do that - taking in pseudo voices). Please throw ur comments on this. Ofcourse, I like SJ for her nice nature and her mimicking talent - there is no second opinion on that. But this is my comment on her voice.


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