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<b>How do Actors/Actress <i>Lip Sync</i> in the songs which we cannot follow</b>? How do Actors/Actress Lip Sync in the songs which we cannot follow?

Topic started by Jay (@ on Fri Apr 25 01:35:25 EDT 2003.
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Hi TFM Friends, we have been seeing that 80% of the songs cannot be followed at a single hearing at all. And, most of the time, we cannot follow the lines at all and we are forced to get the lyrics from websites and other sources. In that case, how do the actors/actresses and choreographers, follow the lines and picturise the songs, when they cannot follow the song lyrics. Because, the lip sync has to be perfect, in order to get a good song visually. Do they get the song lyrics at the time of shoot or just try to follow the nuances of the song?

Any idea guys??


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