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Why do music directors make these silly errors that ruin great songs? Why do music directors make these silly errors that ruin great songs?

Topic started by Vijay (@ on Tue Nov 14 08:16:24 EST 2000.
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Why do music directors make these silly errors that ruin great songs? There have been many songs in Tamil Films with great tunes that have been ruined by silly errors on the parts of the Music Directors.

I think A R Rahman does this very often. For example, in the "Kandukondain Kandukondain" album, the "Kandukondain Kandukondain" song has been ruined by bad orchestration and the female singer Mahalaxmi. "Konjum mainaakazh..." was also ruined by Sadhna Sargam's pronunciation (and her voice, but in "Snaehidhanae..." from "Alaipaiyuthey..." she sounded quite good. The song "Dandiya aatam aada..." from "Kaadhalar Dhinam" also suffered similarly because of Kavitha Krishnamoorthy's voice (avungalaam yaen paada varaanganae thereela) and also the beats change halfway through the song and then back again, which sounds very wierd when you're listening to the song (that is something A R Rahman does very often).

Of course, Ilayaraajaa has also done this many times by singing his songs himself. "Indha maan..." from "Karahaata kaaran" was ruined both by Ilayaraajaa's voice and the bad picturization (what was worse about that film was the fact that we had to watch Kanagaa and Raamaraajan in love, but that's a different thing). I think that with the talents of S P Balasubramaniam, K J Yesudas, Jayachandran and others, Ilayaraajaa could have done a better job. He has also used S Janaki a bit too often, when he could have used Chitra (IMHO, Chitra has the second sweetest voice ever heard in Tamil Films.)

In "Paarthein Rasithein" Vasundra Das's voice and pronunciation have ruined the "Poovae punnagai kaattu" song (Vasundra Das is another singer who should be banned from singing in Tamil films, if not from singing itself). I think Harini should have been used for that song.

There are numerous other errors which have ruined good songs, but why do music directors keep making these mistakes again and again?


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