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VaaliFans VaaliFans

Topic started by raj (@ on Mon Apr 28 03:48:20 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

hi all,

This thread is created in the intention to dicuss vaali's Contributions in TFM..

He's been in TFM for more than 45 yrs with ample amount of Experience, he's due of many Awards..

Let's discuss his contributions & make this Thread live.

I Remember he was introduced to T.R.Paappa by Nagesh(roommate of vaali,goplakrishnan) @ that time .
HE wrote Sirikindral indru sirikindral For the film Nallavan Vaazhvan. With that he got other song like Kuthala aruviyile from the same film.
Then on he started with Idhayathil nee (Muktha Srinivasan's Production) where in he wrote songs like "Poo varayam poonkodiye"...which became super hit

But to mention Vaali excelled with MGR combination & then with k.Balachander

to Startwith here are some memorable songs by Vaali
1. Thottal Poo Malarum
2. Athai Madi methai adi
3. Aandavane Un Paathangalai
4. Aduthathu Ambujatha
5. Sollathan Ninaikiren
6. Kaadhodu thaan NAan Pesuven
7. NAan aanai ittal
8. Sella kiliye Mella pesu
9. Punagai mannan poo vizhi
10. Kana Kaanum Kangal

He has worked with all MD's Starting with SMS till Yuvan....


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