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Balumahendra - Ilayaraja Balumahendra - Ilayaraja

Topic started by karthik (@ on Mon Aug 14 00:25:40 EDT 2000.
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I was watching Irattai Vaal kuruvi on Raj TV on saturday evening. Brilliant music by IR (raja raja chozhan naan and kannan vanthu paadukindran). But yes, the first song, sudhanthirathai vaangi... sounds very similar to marugo marugo! Listen to the interludes and the overall tune!

BTW, I have seen a cassette of a Balumahendra film for which Raja had composed the music. It stars Pandiyarajan and (i think) Mounica. That movie has not been released yet, as far as I know. What was the movie's name and how are the songs?



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