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Song Dedicated to Raja. Song Dedicated to Raja.

Topic started by Srikanth (@ on Thu Feb 24 11:45:43 EST 2000.
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I salute the great western classical gurus. Though I learnt more of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven in my music schools, my western classical scores are greatly influenced by a composer from south India. Ilayaraja, he is one the greatest composer India has ever produced. I consider his compositions as vitamins to my western classical knowledge. I dedicate this song to him.

Actual fact behind the story,
Of late I was forced do some raja bashing due to various reasons. At times, I use to feel within myself that What I do is not right. Though I love the scores of MSV or A.R.Rahman or anyone, knowing about music, I donít have the right to trash this composer. This has been haunting me for a month now. Only way I know to clean my hands on this is by composing a song and dedicating it to raja.

Please goto to and if you belive me, hear the score dedicated to Raja.

Warm Regards.


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