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pullakutti pethu kittu....... pullakutti pethu kittu.......

Topic started by SRI (@ on Fri Jul 25 08:24:03 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

hai friends,

iam sure that we have great lyricyst in tfm,no doubt about it.but sometimes some lyricyst write some raw vulgar words in their songs.immaadhiri padalgalgalukku ethirppu kilambinal,they are blamming tamil people's taste is this.they like only this type of songs.
Recently i was shocked to hear the song "kalyananthan kattikittu" in the tv and slowly adapted to it.snehan says people like these type of song only.i wrote a good song in kanden seethaiyai but it does not reached the this is the tamil people's taste.tamil peole like raw sexy words.
By reading this dont think iam a old man. iam just 22 but also i dont like that song

so ppl tell me is this is our taste?
can these type of songs affect our culture and promote eve teasing. i want a decent discussion


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