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Ezgavathu Manithan has the Best Bharathiyar Songs So Far!! Ezgavathu Manithan has the Best Bharathiyar Songs So Far!!

Topic started by UV (@ on Wed Nov 15 09:46:35 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Guys I am back Thanks to your kind words There do exist few good men out there!! :)
Now to the topic. I hope most of you are familiar with the movie Ezhavathu Manithan by Dir. Hariharan and debut movie of Mr Raghuvaran(i may be corrected on this). Its a nice movie with great songs. Most of songs are taken from Bharathiyar songs.
Excellently composed by Mr. L.Vaidyanathan eldest brother of the violin trio L.Subramanian and L. Shankar. I think best tuned songs of Bharathiyar songs so far is from this movie
songs like 'Kaakai Chiraginile','Veenaiyadi nee enakku' . The compositions are modern and semi classical as well.
What do you guys think


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