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Are ARR fans unwelcome in this forum? Are ARR fans unwelcome in this forum?

Topic started by Nazir (@ on Mon Aug 19 20:07:23 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Did you guys see that 'kaadhal virus' thread is closed? The admin wants me to write to them to know the reason, why should I? If there is a valid reason they should have posted in the thread.
Dont you guys this this whole website is Pro IR?
By blocking such threads, i feel the admin is asking all ARR fans to be away from this forum,indirectly.
There are so many vulgar postings, postings filled with filth and hatred(like we should shoot down ARR etc) and those postings are still existing while a simple, fun thread of mine was removed. If the admin sites "personal attack" as their reason, where were they when a guy from singai(sorry no names since it is a personal attack:)) made obscene remarks about WN?
Where were they when all the s*k and related posts were posted?

They will close the thread but i will post again , i will keep on posting. They might block me, but how many ip addresses can they block?
Come on guys voice your opinion here.
If admin has valid reasons let them post in this thread and also should provide reasons why they admit obscene and vulgar postings.
If they really do not want ARR fans to post here we as ARR fans should never visit this site anymore.
I know many of you have experienced this unfair bias and i would request you to voice your concerns and opinions in this thread. If they close this thread, let us keep opening new ones until they give us a valid reason.


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This thread has been closed. Contact Admin if you want to know why.

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