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<b>AR Rehman is like an ocean</b> AR Rehman is like an ocean

Topic started by Dinesh (@ on Sat Jan 3 09:13:41 EST 2004.
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Why did you shift to AR Rehman in 'New'? Deva is your permanent music
director, right?

For a long time I wanted to work with AR Rehman. It kept getting
postponed. Once I was on my way from Mumbai to Chennai by plane. AR
Rehman was sitting in front of me. I told him that I wanted to work
with him in a film. He asked me to tell him the story. I agreed. He
was surprised that I was ready with the story. The journey was I hour
25 minutes long. By the time the plane landed at Chennai, he had
signed up the film.

I haven't seen a genius like that who is immersed 24 hours in music
with his keyboard. I'm happy that I got to work with a genius like
that. It's because a Tamilian Indian who lives in Subbarayan Street,
Kodambakkam is a world known celebrity now. This is not an ordinary
achievement. I hope that our relationship continues for a very long
time. Songs have come out very well. AR Rehman is like an ocean. You
just have to equip yourself with a good oxygen tank and be prepared
to go real deep to come out with treasures.

But, AR Rehman seems to be synonymous with delays these days…

He is very clear about it. If you have patience, you can approach
him. Else, don't confuse yourself. He is the goose that lays golden
eggs. If you harass it too much, you will get into troubles. He is
very sincere with his work. I have seen him sleep only three hours a
day. Directors keep repeating him only because he is good, right?



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