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Five Star - Welcome music? Five Star - Welcome music?

Topic started by Karthik S (@ on Mon Oct 21 02:54:02 EDT 2002.
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Amidst all the hype for albums like KV, SMK, AM et all, I'm surprised nobody has anything to say about the music of Five Star. Personally I enjoyed the movie too...after the initial scenes in the college which dragged a bit, the overall movie was refreshingly different and mature. Kudos to the director, who's first movie is yet to see the light of the day!

The music was fairly good, I should say. The background music was terribly jarring, but songs like 'Thiru Thiruda' (Pick of the album), 'Engirunthu Vandhayada' and 'Rayile Rayile' were pretty interesting. Rayile had some bizarre interludes which only showed how new the composing duo is. But Thiru Thiruda is one hell of a song.

Any comments?


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